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How to Become a REALTOR Part 1



To become a REALTOR in Indiana the process is actually quite simple. You may start by contacting the Real Estate Certification Program or another pre-licensing training company.

Follow these steps to become licensed:

  1. Take the pre-licensing Broker Course.
  2. Earn your certificate by passing 3 included tests. 
  3. Pass the state licensing exam and apply for your license.


The Real Estate Certification Program (RECP) is the starting point and they have helpful staff ready to help you understand the time & cost involved. Below is the contact info:

Real Estate Certification Program

Tel: 1-800-742-4067


You can pass all of the above in only a few months if you hustle and pass everything quickly. Have you wondered how much you can make? I guess that’s why a lot of people look into real estate because of the opportunity.

Below is a chart showing number of deals on the left & average GCI (Gross Commission Income). Pick the number of deals and average commission to see what you could make in a year. The average commission depends on the type of property (luxury Vs. condos, Residential Vs Commercial, City Vs Rural, etc).

The number of deals depends on luck, drive, your network & business approach.

I can better explain the potential of real estate and how the business works if we sit for a quick chat.  This will lead me into pointing you in the right direction.  Also we may be able to arrange tuition reimbursement for the right candidate.

  • Do you know the differences of the local brokerages?
  • Would you want to work on a team before going out on your own?

I’d really like to talk. Just give me a call at:

Jim Jordan Broker/Owner - (317) 509-3688 (call or text)

Realty World Indy

Stay tuned for Part 2 - Now that you have your license, then what?