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Get Out of the Office!

Get out of the office!

When is the last time that someone in your real estate office purchased a property from you or listed their house with you?  Why?  Because everyone in a real estate office (at least most everyone) is a real estate agent.  So why does your broker encourage you to come to the office daily?  So that they have better control over you and so that you seem more like an employee?  I’m sure every broker has their reasons, but the fact of the matter is, that you will not sell much real estate by hanging around a real estate office. 

Your home office is even worse, because not only are you separated from potential buyers and sellers, but now you are alone and easily distracted and demotivated.  So where do you go?

The best place to hang out is where your clients hang out.  On the golf course?  At the golf club?  The gym?  The yacht club?  The mall?  Starbucks?  Who is your target market and where do they go to hang out?  Certainly they don’t go to the real estate office to hang out, so you won’t find them there. 

Certainly there is a time and a reason to go to the office, but if you’re a busy Realtor® it won’t be often.  And if you’re not a busy Realtor®, then you need to get busy!  Get out of the office and go look for some clients.  Walk in your neighborhood and meet some neighbors, go to a club meeting or chamber meeting.  Do whatever it takes to meet people and you will find yourself busy.