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Low Cost or Free Marketing Ideas

Are you looking for some ways to grow your real estate business without spending a ton of money?  Here are some ideas that we normally share with our Realty World Indy team:

 Contact your Sphere of Influence (SOI):

This is always the best place to start.  These people know you and you know them.  You already have something to talk about.  Use a good CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool to keep track of your contacts with them.  A service like “Send Out Cards” can be an inexpensive way to stay in touch with them  Personal visits, lunch or a phone call is the very best way to reach out to these people.  Believe me, it will pay you dividends if you spend a little time in this area of your business.

Volunteer in your community:

Being a volunteer is a great way to give back to your community, while at the same time, meeting people that can grow your business.  Keep in mind you are looking for referrals as well as someone who might do business with you.  However, keep your motives pure by putting your volunteer work first and prospecting for business second.  Keep in mind the old saying:  “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”  Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs and Lions Clubs are great places to get involved.  Or serve on a committee with your chamber of commerce.

Go to the Gym:

You probably need to shed a few pounds or get in better condition.  While you’re there, you can meet people doing the same things and strike up conversations.  Conversations can lead to a friend being made and a future business relationship or referral.  Go early or stay late, but be sure to allow time to meet people.  Wondering what to talk about?  Use the acrostic FORD: talk about FAMILY, OCCUPATION, RECREATION & DREAMS.

Be Present In Your Community:

At Realty World Indy, we encourage our team members to walk around their community and be ready to meet new people.  One good way is to wear logo wearables.  People are always interested in what is happening in the real estate market in their neighborhood.  When they see you are a Realtor®, they will naturally ask you real estate questions.  Take your dog with you, and you get the bonus of giving the dog some exercise while meeting people.  Make sure you take business cards with you, or better yet, share your branded real estate app with them!  Practice the lost art of conversation with your neighbors.

Do an Open House:

This is a great way to meet prospective buyers.  Planning in advance is a key to the success of your open houses.  Pretend like you are hosting a party and make sure you have sent out invitations for people to attend, arrange for refreshments, and of course make the open house entertaining.  Our Realty World Indy team members use an app to register open house guests, capture their info for followup and get property information into the prospective buyer’s hands in a unique way.  Don’t forget to invite the neighbors to your open house.

Write a Blog Post:

Writing a blog gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with others.  It builds credibility for you as well.  There are many sources on the internet for blog topics, if you are wondering what to write about.  Realty World Indy team members can find blog topics and suggestions on the Realty World Insider.  Don’t forget to promote your blog post on social media.  

Windshield Flyers:

Choose an apartment complex near where you live.  Go early in the morning or in the evening when most people are home.  If they are living in an apartment, you know that they are not a homeowner.  Be careful that you don’t trespass on property that is restricted and don’t look like someone ready to commit a crime.  Wearing logo wearables will help.  Make sure the homes you advertise for sale are in the price range for a first time home buyer.  You can ad a text for info number or a QR code to your flyer to capture the information of those who may be interested.  The Realty World Insider has a QR code tool to do this for you.

Make a Community Video:

If you carry a smart phone with you (and what self-respecting Realtor® doesn’t have a smart phone?), you already have your video camera with you.  Go to a neighborhood in your area and do a video there.  Start by the neighborhood entry sign with a selfie video.  Then move through the neighborhood showing the homes, streets and amenities.  If there’s a club house, take a video.  Tennis courts, pool, walking paths?  Take a video.  There are simple video editing tools available to allow you to put your videos together into a simple video show.  You can then post it on your YouTube Channel (you do have a YouTube channel, don’t you?  If not get one!).  Also promote your video on social media.