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Real Estate is a "Contact" Sport

Think about it.  Real estate is really a "contact" sport.  What do I mean by that?  I mean that the more people you have contact with in the course of a day, the more people you will be able to help with their real estate transactions.  

Let's talk frankly for a minute.  You got into real estate because of the ability to make a lot of money and the flexibility and freedom of schedule that the real estate profession offers.  Would it surprise you to know that most Realtors® don't make a lot of money?  Why is that?  One reason is that they take the flexibility and freedom of schedule to an extreme and spend their time away from the very people that they could be helping.  How do they do that?  

  1. By spending too much time in their home office.  It's great to have the freedom and flexibility to work from home, but it can also be a huge time suck and take you away from meeting people.  Unless you have great discipline, it's very easy to get distracted at home and watch the news, fiddle with home projects and just hang out.
  2. By spending too much time in a real estate office.  I think in a lot of cases, real estate brokerages have made their offices too comfortable for their agents.  Nice work spaces, free coffee bars, high speed internet and copiers.  The problem is, that the people who hang out in real estate offices are Realtors®.  They don't need help with real estate transactions.  They aren't going to buy any real estate from you and they aren't going to give you any referrals!

So what's the solution?  Get out there where people are that may need help with a real estate transaction.  Make "contacts"!  That's why I say that real estate is a "contact" sport.  When you get out where people are, you will naturally run into people who can use your help.  Your business will grow, you will make a lot of money and most important, you will be helping a lot of people.  At Realty World Indy, we teach agents relational skills to help them network and make contact with people who need help with real estate transactions.  By being out and about, Realty World Indy agents spend time with people who may buy from them or give them referrals.  You can still have a lot of flexibility and freedom in your schedule by going out to meet people.  But by making those all important "contacts" you will also make a lot more money!

The next time you're tempted to hang out in your home office, or your broker's office - don't do it!  Instead, get out there a make some "contacts"!  And don't forget to followup with everyone of those contacts with a personal note and regular contact - which is a whole other subject!